Suppressing author does not work on some citations

I have a couple of references, where I cannot suppress the author.

Debug ID: D1272085329

I have been adding references to a document, and for some references, the "suppress author" tick box is ineffective, i.e. the authors are always shown.

Steps I have taken: Editing the reference, ticking and unticking the "suppress author" box. Deleting the reference and adding it afresh. Changing citation styles. Restarting Firefox, restarting MS Word. Adding the reference in a new document. If an item is affected, its authors are always shown.

The field code in MS Word look fine:

{ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM {"citationID":"2og8rcfkhg","citationItems":[{"suppress-author":true,"uri":[""]}]}}

{ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM {"citationID":"1oau0am3i1","citationItems":[{"suppress-author":true,"uri":[""]}]}}

shows up as:

(Vertovec and Wessendorf 2010)

The first item works as expected, the second one is a troubling item.

Both citations have multiple authors.

For the time being, I can manually edit the reference in the editor of the add/edit citation dialog.

Zotero 2.1.10, Firefox 6.0.2, Windows XP, Word 2003

Is there anything else I can try?
  • For troubleshooting:
    If you insert just those two in a fresh document, does the problem persist?
    If you change the citation style (which one are you using now?) - still the same problem?
  • Yes, the problem persists in a fresh document where I only add one of these references.

    Yes, the problem persists when I change citation styles. (I found it using Chicago Manual of Style/Author-Date, but this doesn't seem to matter).
  • @q,

    Can you export the reference that is failing as Zotero RDF, paste it to, save it as a public gist, and post the URL from the address bar back here? If it's a reproducible fault, I should be able to fix it.
  • Here's the Zotero RDF:

    One correction, I'm using Word 2007.
  • It's not suppressing because the listed names are editors rather than authors. I'll look at broadening the conditions to suppress the first-listed names of whatever type.
  • Are there any news on this issue? I am facing the same problem of being unable to suppress editor names.

  • edited November 5, 2011
    This was fixed in the processor at version 1.0.222, released on September 22, 2011. The fix will not be present in Zotero 2.1.10 (which is running 1.0.213, I believe), but the fix should be present in 3.0b2 or above.
  • I see. Will do it manually then.
  • I've just installed 3.0b2 and it still does not seem to be suppressing the names of editors with the suppress author button. Have I misunderstood that this was to be fixed in 3.0b2?
  • Just tested in the running client, and indeed it's not suppressing. I'll take a look and post back when I have something.
  • Have identified the fault and applied a fix. The test suite is running now, and when the tests all clear, I'll issue a fresh release. This should genuinely be fixed in the next beta release.
  • Hi, same problem here with the suppressing, doesn't work when I only have "pubishers" (which are the Authors as well). I only defined publisher field though. I work with Zotero 2.1.10 on Firefox, Mac and Word for Mac 2011 (14.1.3)
  • Which style uses publisher as an author?
  • I use (a slightly modified) "Harvard Reference (de)", maybe it is a mistake to generally consider publishers=authors, or in other words the (now) defined publishers should be defined as authors, which would indeed make sense...
  • APA uses "publisher" as a substitute for author for reports.
  • Yes, I'm using versions of Harvard, and when you are trying to list a book that is an edited volume, there are no authors, only editors. Of course the workaround is to list them as authors, but then you don't get the (eds.) in the bibliography.

    Glad to hear it'll be fixed in the next Beta release. Any word when that will be?
  • Oh sorry, I see now you were talking about publishers, not editors. Disregard that part.
  • Next beta should be out soon.
  • Hi, suppressing author with mixed sources (journal article, book, etc) even if the author is same is not possible. Suppress author box is ineffective. There is no other name for editor, as some people above were concerning. Anyone facing the same problem or figured out how to fix this problem?
  • sorry, entirely unclear what you're referring to here. Some examples would likely help (also for future reference, you almost never want to post in a thread where the last comments is >5 years old. Zotero is actively developed, lots of things change & the context of old threads can be confusing.
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