saving links to Zotero Standalone

Mac OS X 10.7.1
Firefox 6.01 (with Zotero 3.0b2)
Safari 5.1 (with Zotero Connector for Safari 3.0b1)
Zotero Standalone 3.0b2.1

When running Zotero from within Firefox, right-clicking on a link results in two Zotero options; 'Create New Item from Current Page' and 'Save Link as Zotero Item'.

When running the Standalone version of Zotero there is only 1 option in Firefox (Create New Item from Current Page) and 1 in Safari (Save Zotero Snapshot from Current Page) both of which do the same thing.

I very much like the 'Save Link as Zotero Item' option and use it quite frequently, especially with grey literature.

As such, I'm wondering if this option will be made available with the Standalone in the future.

Thank you.
  • Any answer or advice on this??
  • Anything at all???
  • Not sure why this was not added to the connectors, but it is indeed not there. Maybe it was seen as unneeded complexity?
  • It is certainly not an 'unneeded complexity' as there are many links to pdf's that are not compatible with the connectors for whatever reason. As such it seems to me to be a vital part of the connectors so as to provide the fullest possible functionality of the standalone. These is, of course, a work-a-round but it is a multi-step process that lacks efficiency.
  • I agree-- this might have been an oversight. Maybe Simon (author of this bit of the code) can comment on whether we should expect such an option in the future?
  • At some point in the future, yes, but it's not completely trivial.
  • edited September 27, 2011
    Thanks for the info!! Hopefully it will not be a 'back burner' item.

  • Just downloaded v3.0 and same issue exists which is disappointing. Any thoughts on when this might be addressed?

  • Will this get added someday? I hope it does.
  • There've been some technical issues preventing this, but we've been working to resolve those, so this may be possible soon.
  • Great, hope you solve it soon.
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