'Select Items' dialog - Search, Column selection, Column order

Hi, I would really like to see some improvements in the Item Selector (window that opens when you add an 'related item' for example). The new search options in 3.0 have already greatly improved the selector but here some issues:
- Currently, it is not possible to change the search type in the item selector. It uses the currently set search from the main zotero window but does not allow you to change between the different search types itself.
- Currently, it's not possible to configure the columns in the item selector. I would like to add 'year' to the column, which I think is very important to identify items
- I would also like to rearrange the order of the columns (to Author, year, title).

Thanks for the great work!
  • Agreed on all points. User-selectable, reorderable columns are a great thing to have, and I wish they were everywhere. Is there something about them that makes it harder to implement them in more places (insert citation, related)?

    Just when people learn to take advantage of this UI element's flexibility, they find that it's missing in some instances of the item listing.
  • VQL
    edited October 14, 2011
    comment deleted. oops wrong forum.
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