Add link to file -- across platforms (XP and OS X)

This may not be possible as I'm imagining it, given that the file systems of Mac and Windows are fundamentally different, but perhaps there's a workaround or better way.

I've got thousands of files Attached via link to entries in Zotero on my XP machine. When I'm at work on my Mac, I can see those links but cannot click on them. It's usually enough to let me know that I have the PDF on my hard drive, so I open it manually. All those PDFs are on both harddrives, and they're synced using thirdparty cloud storage.


Is there a way to continue linking them but have them accessible on the Mac as well? (This would be ideal so that I don't have to pay for more cloud storage space.)

Or do I need to "attach a stored copy" of the files and rely on Zotero storage? If this is the case, is there a batch process that I can run to change all those links to attachments? And if I do change them, will it mess up my PDFtoText info?

Part of the reason I prefer to Attach a Link rather than a Stored Copy is that I can browse to the files in the directory and work with them there. But maybe I need to change...

Advice, experiences, other ideas most appreciated!
  • relative links are, in general, still planned as I understand, they're just not very high priority.

    I don't think there's a batch conversion from links to stored files, no.
    I'm not sure what you mean by PDFtoText info - Zotero would re-index the files but anything stored in the file (like pdf properties/meta tags) would still be there).
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