Import Images from Web, with "bibliographical datas"

For years, I store hundreds images in my computer using "save" option, but a file name "2097098.jpg" that I renamed "montreal1970.jpg" still very difficult to use in research. With Zotero, I can have at least the address of the website where I found it...
Can we "capture" its bibliographical data (when it exist!), as we do for items found in a library catalogue? Exemple, in the website "Images of French Revolution", a project of the Center for History & New Media, George Mason University at, every images have very usefull infos attached with it when you enlarge it:

[title] 6. Journée mémorable de Versailles, le lundi 5 Octobre 1789. [Memorable Day at Versailles, October 5, 1789]
Caption: Nos Modernes Amazones glorieuses de leurs Victoires revinrent à Cheval sur les Canons, avec plusieurs Messieurs de la Garde Nationale, tenant des branches de Peupliers au bruit des cris réitérés de Vive la Nation, Vive le Roi. [View English translation]
Source: Museum of the French Revolution 90.46.129
Medium: Etching and colored wash
Dimensions: 13.6 x 21.1 cm

In some images database, informations are more complete (date, author, etc.)
For images founded on library's catalogue Zotero-compatible, it's possible, but for all others images on the web what can I do?

Sometimes, to describe a image, there is a short text in HTML code, for exemple, "alt="Images of Montreal, 1970, photograher: LG, etc...".
Do Zotero could "capture" this text in "alt tag" saving an image as a new item and put the text in the "note field"?

Or someting like that?


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