Making "links" between Tag, Notes and Items

To sort and classify my old hundreds 3 1/2 x 5 cards, I developped a system of colors (white card = comments - opinions; blue card = quotations - facts), and a list of keywords-tag to organised these collections of cards (at the end, I had few thousands!). Taking Notes and add Tags was always connected together: a note is always informations related to a topic, a keywords of a research.
In Zotero, it's really easy to add Notes, Tags, but they are not related together. It will be useful to "link" Notes and Tag.
For a important book or 2 or 3, it's possible to have many, even an hundred notes and selected quotations. How search in all these? How to sort it by keywords?
For me, it will be very useful to find a way to "merge-relate" Tags and Notes 's. If it was possible, you can find all Notes related to a Tag wich a related to X items. As find all quotations (copy-paste in Notes) related to a Keywords related in X items. It is possible to do it now?

In actual Zotero, I try to find a way to retrieve "Notes" which are "Quotations". It's possible but it could better, and faster! I create an "Independant Note", add a Tag "Quotations" and add a "Related" to the item I quoted. So, I can search for the Tags "Quotations" and find all items I quoted. It exactly what I need. But, it's a bit funny because I have to made a "independant note" "no - independant" (related to an item) to have it.
So, I realize that the technology is already there, in the "independante note" to have Tag and Note related together and related to items.
It's possible to attach Tag to an Independante Note, why don't make possible to add tag to a "normal Note" (most used probably) and related to an item?

Suggestion: suppose just one "pop-up" with 2 fields: Tag (to put a keyword) and Note (to add text): by default, the "note tagged" is automatically related to the item. You can just add a Tag without note if you like, and you can also write a Note without Tag, but I think for Notes you can always add at least a Tag "Quotation-facts" or "Personnal Comments". You can at least separate the quotations and your own comments: it's useful in any research.


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