Style Request: [Cite Them Right-Harvard]

  • (Have seen this, should get to it some time this week, hopefully tomorrow).
  • Cite Them Right (9th edition) says to reference a figure or illustration from a book something like the following should be done:

    Flop, P. (1988) A book of words and pictures. London: SuperPub, pp. 12-13, illus.

    Where illus. could also be fig./diagram/logo/table.

    This doesn't currently seem possible with this style (but if I am missing something, please let me know - I'm not even certain about what type to choose here!).
  • Conference papers should not have "in" in there.


    Pickle, N. (2008) 'My happy birthday' Conference on nice occasions, Weston-Super-Mare, England, 18 November to 20 November 2015.
  • Thank you for working on this style, which works pretty well. I see that there is now a 10th edition of the book though, with some changes...
  • artyb, do you know whether the 10th edition changes anything, or whether they simply clarify things?
    If anything changes, I would kindly request that two styles be maintained (one for 9th edition and one for 10th), as many will have to continue conforming to the older edition for the foreseeable future.
  • Hi Enginde,
    I haven't yet got a copy of it, but I think there are some changes. I think eg et al is now used in the bibliography rather than listing ALL authors. That seems a sensible change. Maintaining different versions seems sensible, but would be more work.
  • If that is true, that is a pretty major change, and in my opinion not a sensible one for the bibliography except in extreme circumstances (sensible for citations, but I think after 3 authors it already does that doesn't it?).
    Thanks for the information anyway, I won't be buying the new edition (hats off to the genius who came up with the cite-them-right goldmine) but at least I'm now aware of it existing.
  • Hello

    I've noticed another small issue with the Cite Them Right style for Zotero. In "Individual Conference Papers" (p.33, Cite Them Right, 9th edition), there should be a comma and a space after the paper name and before the conference name, and the conference name is folluwed by a full stop, the place of presentation and then the date, and then where the paper was published and its page numbers.

    E.g. (from the book) Cook, D. (2000) 'Developing franchised business in Scotland', [i] Small firms: adding the spark; the 23rd ISBA national small firms policy and research conference.[i] Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, 15-17 November. Leeds: Institute for Small Business Affairs, pp.127-136.

    However, the Cite Them Right style in Zotero inserts an "in" if you put the Conference name in the "Proceedings Title" box and an "in." if you put the Conference name in "Conference Name", and the conference name is followed by a comma rather than by a full-stop.

    E.g., [with the title in Proceedings Title]: Cook, D. (15-17 November) ‘Developing franchised business in Scotland’, in [i]Small firms: adding the spark: the 23rd ISBA national small firms policy and research conference.[i]

    E.g. [with the title in Conference Name]: Cook, D. (15-17 November) ‘Developing franchised business in Scotland’, in. [i]Small firms: adding the spark: the 23rd ISBA national small firms policy and research conference[i], Leeds: Institute for Small Business Affairs, pp. 127–136.

    As a separate issue, as you can see from the second example immediately above, I can't see a place in Zotero to put "place of delivery" (in the Cite Them Right book example near the top of this post, it looks like the paper was delivered in Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) when you need both place of delivery and place of publication (in the Cite Them Right example, the paper was published in Leeds).

    If the 'Proceedings Name' and 'Conference Name' fields are hard-wired into Zotero, perhaps one way round would be to have one mean 'Name of Conference' and the other mean 'Place where conference was held'. If so, if 'Conference Name' came to be a surrogate for 'Place where conference was held', please remove the itallics (as there are no italics for place where conference was held in the Cite Them Right book). However, doing it this way would be a bodge, which may not be acceptable.

    If the "in" / "in." issues could be resolved, that would be great.

    Best wishes

  • The "place of delivery" should go into the CSL variable event-place, currently only possible by using the cheater syntax

    You'd need to add {:event-place:Aberdeen} or just event-place: Aberdeen to Zotero's Extra field.

    If your CSL style is not using the event-place variable already, this might need to be fixed, too.

  • (don't use the curly brackets; use the 2nd option mentioned by nickbart)
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