Citation Style: Urban Habitats

I have developed a style for the Open Access Journal 'Urban Habitats'. I have posted the style here for others to use.
  • thanks for this one, too. Same questions wrt to uploading.
    Only issue with this style is in l. 127 in the sort macro for the bibliography. There is no variable="year". You can either use
    <key variabel="issued"/> or
    <key macro="year-date"/>
  • Issue fixed. I am happy to have this style and the 'Journal of Pollination Ecology' style put into the repository.
  • thanks, it's up
  • Adam,

    I note that the preview for both these styles are not working. Is there something that needs to be done to get this to work?

  • I also note that the style you have in the library is different from mine. It includes '-' in the style that are not present in my versions. How have these been inserted?
  • previews just take a while to be created internally and the "-" just show up in the website display of the file, they're not actually there when users install the file.
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