Endless spinning of sync arrow

I'm unable to complete syncing since 2 days. The arrow is spinning and spinning without giving an error. When going over the arrow with the mouse it says that my library is not yet synced (usually it says last sync e.g. 1 day ago).
I also tried syncing over night but the sync arrow didn't stop spinning...
The prioblem occured together with latest firefox update 6.0.1. Now I have 6.0.2. But I don't know if its related to that.

How shoult I proceed?

Thank you.
  • Have got a sync error right now (invalid response from server. please try again later). Error-ID: 1247870606.

    Will restart sync now.
  • Now sync was successfull! I'm very happy but I still don't know the reason why it was needing 3 days for finishing.

    Any idea?

    Thank you.
  • You're in a very large group, and something triggered a full download in your Zotero client. We've just made some changes on the server side to improve syncing of groups this large.
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