Group Invitation

I hope that I am not just being very stupid here, but I just can't invite a person to a group I administer.

When I invite her, she gets the Email and klicks on the link. The link takes her to the group page but we both can't see any possibility there to accept the group invitation.

Are we missing something or is there an error in the website?

  • The way group invitations work changed a short while ago and now that you've pointed it out I see it does not show any indication when the user needs to log in to accept the invitation. This will be fixed, but for now make sure she logs in.
  • 1rst the User needs to log in.
    2nd the user needs to go to the tab "Group"
    3rd, there is a very small red "join" "decline" button right at the right of the screen.
    Found it? =)
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    Yeah, the problem is that she was not logged in. A hint to do that on the page you get when you click the activation link from the invitation email without being logged in would be good, I think.

    Thanks for your help, guys!
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