Documents can now be shared with users of Zotero and other compatible software without using Zotero

Could someone can give explanation about this new feature in 3.0b? How this is work?
Where the reference are stored? (seems to be in document) How/where? How to add some new ones? Can we get the list of those reference and create a new collection? Do everyone need to get Zotero (even if they don't have the reference items?)?
Seems promising but have no clue how to use it...
  • It will not change the way you work with Zotero (apart from the addition of the tick-box for embedding/not-embedding metadata). The main thing you will notice is that, when you open a Zotero document from another system on your own computer, Zotero will offer to pull references out of the document, and add them to your Zotero library. This will "just happen" -- additional training or study will not be required.

    Others closer to the action may correct me, but I think that only the "write Zotero refs into the document" side has been implemented so far. The "read document refs into Zotero" part will arrive before Zotero 3.0 goes final.
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