Some comments and suggestions on Zotero

I have been using Zotero for some times and have some comments/suggestions, hope these will be useful for the developers. I may not good at using Zotero, so sorry about any mistake, or i may have missed some functions:

1. Folders and subfolders on the left hand side, cannot be moved up or down. If I always need to access folders like "Zoology" or "Yield of fruits", I always need to scroll to the bottom.

2. Search is slow and not accurate. I don't know if the slow is due to Firefox or Zotero itself. About accuracy, say if i search "New ph", papers contain "New ph" will probably not display at the top, it may need me scroll to find it among the darker ones. Sometimes I need to search the authors, sometime the name of the journals, and sometimes the year, sometimes better to combine them, like "Zhao 2009", If you have a huge number of references, that will be annoying.

3. Journal abbreviation. Some journal need the format of journals look like "J Microbiol", some would be "J. Microbiol.", how can these be transformed conveniently?

4. Duplicates. I found I have many references duplicated or replicated. Is there a function to solve this?

Hope I made myself clear. Thank you.
  • On point 4, duplicates management has been implemented in Zotero 3.0 (beta).

    On point 3, a solution will be available within the next few weeks.
  • 2.) has been improved in the 3.0beta as well - you can now use quick search for title and creator only, which is both much faster and more accurate. You can't use it to search for year or journal title, though - if need be, use advanced search.
  • "All Fields", the default mode in 3.0, includes year and journal title, and is faster than the search in previous versions (which is the equivalent of "Everything" in 3.0—i.e., including full-text content).
  • If I always need to access folders like "Zoology" or "Yield of fruits"
    Click on any collection and start typing the name of the collection you're looking for.
  • Thank you for all the replies. I'll try.
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