1815191387- error reporting

I'm trying to de-duplicate my items (Standalone 3.0b2 on Ubuntu) from group librairy. It hangs a lot and crash. I succeed to do some (1 or 2) before crashing. One time, firefox opens by itself and I log in but doesn't help a lot.
PS Didn't have this problem with "My librairy"
  • Can you restart Firefox and provide a Debug ID for a duplicate merging attempt that produces this error?
  • The first one was not correct? Anyway, I re-did it with the same result: 989586939.
    Never try on firefox for now, just standalone.
  • Follow Dan's link - he needs a Debug ID, not another Error Report ID.
  • Yeah, I just saw it. I know I should read... Sorry, you are too rapid... ;-)
    So there is D1784611453
  • This is likely fixed in the latest trunk XPI. Despite the warnings on that page, it should be fairly safe at the moment. If you want to try it, make a backup of your Zotero data directory for good measure, and then install that over your existing version and try to sync. After you've tried, switch back to the release version, and let us know if it worked.
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