linking between book sections and edited books

I'd like to enter an edited volume and then enter comments/notes for individual chapters/articles as their own entries. BUT I would prefer to be able to link the book sections to the edited volume so that I don't have to enter the publication/title info for the edited volume multiple times. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing?

I'm not sure I've put this in a very clear way - I see how to enter everything, but am wondering if there's a way to automate adding the chapters of this 20-chapter volume!


(per instructions in the FAQ: How do I add an edited volume or a book chapter?

A book chapter from an edited volume is entered as a “Book Section”. Click the green new item button and select “Book Section”. You will now see both a “Title” field for the chapter title and a separate “Book Title” field. To add a editor click the + sign on the author line in the right column. This will create an additional Author line. If you click the triangle to the left of the new author field you will be able to change it to an editor.)
  • you can't link yet, but you can duplicate: after you add the first chapter, use "duplicate selected item" on right-click in the middle pane.
  • Thanks, erazlogo. I still really wish there was a method for doing exactly this (it's a pretty common thing for us academic-types to need, I think), but this is a good work-around.
  • So, I see that this has been a problem for a long time! Is there a direct fix in the works, so that chapters of an edited book can be opened directly by clicking on the Zotero listing of the "parent" book?
  • While that is going to be the fix and it's planned, it's neither "direct" nor "in the works", no.
    Since this requires changes in the larger data model it's a rather substantial undertaking, that likely won't happen in the next major version of Zotero.
  • First, thank you for your incredibly prompt response!!

    I am certainly no programmer, but I see that there is already a system for having "attachments" as shown by the + sign field. Could chapters be added using something in that field to allow for culling all chapters in one book together?
  • Sorry, to be clear, could programming make it so that chapters be added to a book as attachments, and still be openable as full references.
  • no - attachments are just files (pdfs, webpages, notes etc.), they can't hold citation data.
    You can work with the "related" tab to connect books and chapters currently.
  • Hi Guys,

    Is there a way to display the short title of an edited book (i.e. just a collection of separate chapters) in subsequent citations, where the chapter of the book being referred to is different?

  • no, not currently. (It might be possible with Frank's abbreviations gadget, but not sure).
  • The abbreviations plugin won't help with this, unfortunately. This will require some form of "hierarchical items" support. At the moment, the processor has no way of knowing (reliably) that two chapter items refer to the same book.

    It's possible to sort of support this by playing games inside the citation processor (by matching container-title and issued date, for example), but that's probably not safe to do, and not something I would attempt to implement. The right solution will be to record the "parent/child" relationship in Zotero, and for the processor to use that information when constructing back-references. The basic infrastructure for that is there in the Related Items tab of the right-side panel, but both Zotero and the CSL language would need a little extending to make it serve this use case.
  • Has there been any progress in this subject?
  • Not really, no. The Zutilo add-on can simplify the duplicate, change item type, relate function discussed in the first posts, but no changes in terms of data model or citation options, nor would I say that they're much closer.
  • What I was looking for is to give a short title of and edited book when cited withing another chapters and not to have to mention the whole titel all over again every time I cite a differnt chapter of the same edited book. Is that any how possible whithin the current versions? I am using Chicago 17 full note (short title subsequent)
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