Chrome connector > Z3.1 beta: no PDF?

When I save an item in Z3.1 in Firefox, the PDF is included as expected. When I save the same item via the Chrome connector, the PDF is not included. This was not a problem with the previous version of the Z4FF + Chrome connector combination.

I understand the connector now works via the web and syncing bring it into my Zotero-in-Firefox library. Is that the reason? Whatever it is it seems undesirable, as there is not much point in using the Chrome connector if it doesn't do the same thing as my Z4FF.

Example URL:
  • the connector should work the same as Zotero in Firefox if you have standalone open. If standalone is not open the connector will save directly to your online library via the API which does not yet support attachment uploads. You can see what mode the chrome connector is using in the chrome extension options.
  • maybe related to this?
    mark - are you using proxy or VPN?
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    Ah - as I mentioned (not terribly directly though), I don't work with standalone but with Zotero in Firefox, and I noticed it going through the web API. So the lack of uploading facility is the cause. I liked the flexibility of using connectors with a Zotero library in Firefox a lot. Is uploading through the API being worked on? Is it thinkable that the old way of communication between connector and Z4FF is reinstated? Or does this mean that Standalone is going to be a requirement for using the connectors productively? I.e. are you basically expecting everyone to move over to Z Standalone eventually?
  • You can still enable the connector > Zotero Firefox but the pref has changed.

    Upload through the API is planned.
  • Great, that's what I was looking for. I now remember I added that about:config option in Z2.1.8 but it probably got overwritten when I updated to Z3.1beta. Having set extensions.zotero.httpServer.enabled to true, the Chrome connector reports that "Zotero Standalone is currently available" and additions go directly to Zotero-in-Firefox, including PDfs. Thank you.
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