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I can't find a comprehensive reference for Zotero MSWord integration. Is there one? I've come across a number of issues and I can't find their resolution in the ever-expanding online documentation, so a guide would be very helpful. For example,sometimes a three author reference is main author plus 'et al' and one paragraph later the same citation has all three authors' names appearing, then it switches back again; I can't see how to do 'author prominent' referencing (e.g. Smith (2007) claims...) without editing in the reference insertion pane and if I do that subsequent edits of the reference in Zotero won't be connected with the citation in the Word document; I've got bibliographic elements like doi showing up in APA style bibliographies and can't see how to globally turn this off, etc. If there's no guide, how should I proceed? Should I enter each issue as a discussion topic?
  • OK, found the doi help. One down.
  • The first issue shouldn't exists as you describe it - maybe you're not actually citing the same item. In APA, though, the first time you cite an item up to five authors are listed, in subsequent citations only up to two.

    For Smith (1776) use the "suppress author" checkbox in the plugin and write out the author name in Word.

    Note that doi is required for APA 6th edition.

    The Word processor documentation is here:
    but you're right that it's not super comprehensive.
  • Hey, this was years ago and I forgot to say 'thanks'. Rude of me, very quick help here
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