feature request: "added by"

For active group libraries, it's sometimes a bit of a mystery who added a paper and its associated tags or collections. It would be nifty if one could list the initiating or even modifying user for a given item. Is this information collected anywhere in the group library/sync system?
  • You can view who added and who last modified an item on the Zotero website, but at the moment not in the Zotero client.
  • +1. There are some threads about this elsewhere too but I couldn't find them.
  • this is a bit of a confusing workaround--on the website, looking at the main library list, "creator" is used to denote the author of the item, not the user who created it, which is not displayed in this view. But on the item detail view, suddenly "creator" means the user who created the item and "author" means author.
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