indexing in group libraries

I am hoping that someone can outline for me how PDF indexing is implemented in the group library. Is the indexing local? does the index itself get synced, or is it generated independently on each user's computer? If the latter, do PDFs added by users who do NOT have indexing turned on get indexed when synced to the computers of those who do? It looks to me like those PDFs remain unindexed, meaning that full-text searching of PDFs in a shared library could be fairly significantly compromised if any single user does not have indexing turned on.

Here's why I'm asking--in my group library, we have maybe 8-10 active users, and the tagging system is breaking down due to too many tags. So I want to do some serious thinning of the tag cloud and rely more on keyword searching in the quick search box, which I've found super useful and faster than tags. But if indexing is compromised, I'll need to make sure all users have indexing turned on and have them all rebuild their indexes, right?

Many thanks for any input!
  • Yes, at the moment synced items are not automatically indexed, so people will have to reindex unindexed items from the Zotero prefs. We plan to address this in the future.
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