Google Scholar lookup engine quirk

If I look up a Book Section item using the Google Scholar lookup engine, the first creator is used, no matter whether this is an Editor or Author. For items where editor is the first creator this is obviously problematic. Such items come to exist for instance when duplicating a book and changing it to a book section; so it is not safe to assume that first creator = author.
  • Zotero's OpenURL constructor preserves author order, and includes all the authors. The problem here is that the Google Scholar lookup engine uses a template that includes only one author, and Zotero gives it the first author:{z:title}&as_occt=title&as_sauthors={rft:aufirst?}+{rft:aulast?}&as_ylo={z:year?}&as_yhi={z:year?}&as_sdt=1.&as_sdtp=on&as_sdtf=&as_sdts=22&

    This would be better resolved by Google supporting OpenURL proper, so we wouldn't have to shoehorn our fuller data into their limited parameters.

    I don't see a good solution to this.
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