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Since the new beta for standalone zotero is out, I switched to Chrome + zotero standalone and left ff behind. Great work!

The only feature that I'm missing in Chrome is the ability to safe my university's proxy settings. In ff I was able to safe the proxy settings in the zotero plugin... now that zotero is standalone, this option is of course no longer available to me... now, I was wondering if anyone knows a Chrome app that has the same functionality?

My university uses a "suffix proxy" system... meaning that the proxy is always added to the end of the url (e.g.

Any comments are greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Steve
  • I'd like to second this. This would be a great feature to add to the Chrome connector!
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    This app works great (if your library uses an EZProxy):
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    @ssauerw, I was unsuccessful in getting this extension to work. I wrote my own simple one at
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