CSL 1.0 Types vs. Zotero itemTypes: missing document etc.

I have opened a new thread here. See the thread where I was coming to the topic and complaining that Zotero 2.1 and CSL 1.0 types and Metadata Field Index in my opinion is not very lucky (reasons are history/compatibility): http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/19210?page=1#Item_1

I hope I have now an acceptable solution. My full file is still in alpha/beta status but after some more heavy testing and fine tuning maybe ready for rc-status. For interested people it is available here for 1 month: http://pastebin.com/hpSqbha2

Is there a way to output a text term if the Zotero 2.1 itemType = document (Dokument) is filled, as there is no field in CSL 1.0? I really have much of them (old documents, contracts, agreements, receipts, mortgages, etc.). Is it possible that the other CSL-using reference management products don't use this type?

See here a code example for the type extraction I use:
<macro name="item-type">
<group prefix="[" suffix="]">
<if variable="publisher" match="none"><choose>
<if type="article-journal" match="any">
<text value="Zeitschriftenartikel"/>
<else-if type="article-magazine" match="any">
<text value="Magazin-Artikel"/>
  • I don't know the future of "document", but the way it was conceptualized is as a fallback category - if something is nothing else, then it's a document.
    It's not a great item type to cite for that reason and I try to avoid using it.
    Theoretically you could list all other item type and match="none" to get a document.
    Also, if you put up your files on gist.github.com they don't get taken down after a month.
  • Thanks. I will go on ghisthub when my file is in clear beta/rc phase. For example now I'm in the process of validation.
    About "document": I understand now the past of this item-type. But I'm still troubled how to categorize old deeds (like medieval Parchment scripts etc.): I think to use just the document-type as a fallback category is not the way I like to go. And I guess other history-oriented researchers think similiar about their source-storing. For now I think the only way is to use the "extra = note"-field.
  • I would find something that approximates what you need - pretty much anything you could do with "Document" you can do with "Manuscript" - don't get hung up on the labels.
  • And FWIW, from my own perspective, a manuscript is just an unpublished document.
  • edited August 24, 2011
    And FWIW, from my own perspective, a manuscript is just an unpublished document.
    Right. "Manuscript" should work for pretty much any odd unpublished source you could find in historical archives.
  • ok, you have convinced me to choose manuscript as favorite, maybe also for documents written by typewriter.
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