On restart, Zotero window is larger than my screen

I'm having an issue with the Zotero Standalone 3.0b1 window expanding beyond what I can see on my screen. Here's how it goes:

1. Open Zotero.
2. Manually drag the edges of the window so that they're almost at the edge of the screen (so that the Zotero window looks almost "maximized," but isn't).
3. Exit and restart.
4. The Zotero window is now larger than my screen. E.g., the window's title bar is sometimes almost all the way off the top of the screen, so that I cannot even see the minimize/maximize/close buttons in the top-right corner of the window).

A few system details:
* Windows 7 Ultimate, Japanese version
* Windows system language is English, locale is Japanese
* Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024
* System font scaling: 125%

Also, I've noticed that if I actually maximize the Zotero window (by using the "maximize" button on the title bar), on restart the window is properly maximized and does not spill off the screen.
  • Does this happen if font scaling is at 100%?
  • Unfortunately, yes. Other things I tried, with no signs of improvement:

    * Toggled on/off "Auto-hide the taskbar." (It had been off previously.)

    * Changed the system locale to English, so that the Windows locale and display language are both English, and rebooted PC.

    * Deleted the profile folder and made a new profile, without inheriting any data from my existing Firefox Zotero add-on. (Windows locale and display language still both set to English.)

    * Changed the system locale and language both to Japanese, rebooted PC, and made another new Zotero profile.

    * Switched to another Windows user account and launched Zotero for the first time under that account.

    * Uninstalled Zotero standalone, deleted all profiles, reinstalled.

    None of these has had any effect. Each time, if I launch Zotero standalone and drag the window borders to within about 10px of the screen edge and then exit and restart, the Zotero window is spilling off the screen. Sometimes the window's title bar is so high up that there's just a small sliver that I can grab to pull the window back down again. Sometimes the window goes so far horizontally that I can't grab the window border on the side unless I grab the the title bar and move the whole window left or right.

    As I noted above, this spillover-effect doesn't happen if I just keep the Zotero window maximized and so I can live with this bug, but I wonder if other CJK users might be experiencing the same issue.

    Let me know if you can think of anything else I can try. When I get a chance, I'll see what happens with Zotero on another native Japanese Windows (Vista) machine.
  • Just a follow-up to say that I experienced the same issue today on another PC, this one running the native Japanese version of Windows Vista Ultimate. I think the screen resolution was 1366x768 (I forgot to check). Font scaling was 100%.
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