Chrome Connector 2.99 complains about incompatibility

The Chrome connector v. 2.99 complains about incompatibility with "Zotero Standalone". However, I have no Zotero Standalone installed and I use the connector with Zotero in Firefox as described here, a feature I like a lot. Is this still possible or does the Chrome connector now talk with Standalone only?
  • The name of the preference has changed, though this is not reflected many places on the wiki.
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    That is not an existing preference in my Firefox about:config. Does that mean I need to update to the Zotero 3 beta before being able to use the Chrome connector again?

    (For the record, I have manually added the preference and set it to true, but that didn't seem to work after a restart of Chrome. I'm on Zotero 2.1.8.r9949.)
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    You would need to update to Zotero 3 beta, or install the old Chrome connector, which is still available, although we won't be providing support for it.
  • I see. As far as I know that old one auto-upgraded to the latest version, or is that not possible?

    I will probably upgrade to the Zotero 3 beta. Since no db upgrade is needed that doesn't feel very dangerous.
  • The old one is supposed to update itself automatically, which I guess is something we may need to reconsider. (Google's policy is that, for both Chrome itself and Chrome extensions, auto-updating is silent with no option to opt out, which is a little problematic.)
  • Aha, that explains it. Well, that means the Zotero Firefox-Chrome connection essentially only works now if you upgrade to Zotero 3 Beta. I made a blog post about this and will update accordingly.
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