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Hello all!
I have installed Zotero WinWord Integration 3.1.2.r10115 with Word 2010 on Win 7 64. I have a problem with this new version of the addin editing references that uses footnotes. If I add a reference in an empty document using APA 6th, and then want to edit the citation, I have no problems at all. If I then change the style to Chicago Note with Bib, and then click on the citation in the footnote I get the following error message: "You must place the cursor in a Zotero citation to edit it."

Also switching from APA 6th to Chicago Note with Bib removes the page reference from the citation.

Also, selecting or deselecting the new "store references in document" removes the page reference from my citation, tested with APA 6th.

I have also tested with regular 3.1.2 and experience the same issues.

Anyone else experiencing these problems?

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    I think I should add that I used the pre-beta version of Zotero together with this version of the extension when I experienced these problems. Reverting back to Zotero 2.1.8 resolved all my problems. I tried to report this on the Zotero-dev mailing list, but was told that it was not related to the beta. That might well be so per se, but the combination of Winword extension 3.1.2 and Zotero 3.0b1pre.r10195 caused all these problems for me.

  • I can reproduce this if there is only one footnote reference in the document, with either 2.1.8 or 3.0b1. If there is more than one footnote reference, it seems to work fine.
  • Thanks for looking into this. I reverted back to 2.1.8 and can neither reproduce the problem with the inability to edit nor the disappearing page number, even with only one reference. I assume these issues will be checked just in case and hopefully corrected before the 3.0b1 is generally available for download.
  • The disappearing page number issue will be fixed in 3.0b1.

    The issue with editing a footnote citation when only one citation is present in the document has been around for >2 years, and is definitely also an issue in 2.1.8. We will fix this in the next WinWord Integration release.
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