Accidental attachment upload filling up space

I have by accident started uploading attachments to the Zotero online storage, which quickly filled up my quota. How can I delete attachments only from the server, which keeping everything else (all the references) synced?
  • edited August 18, 2011
    I don't think you can delete individual attachments, but you can go, on this page, to
    Settings--> Storage --> Purge Storage
    If you don't want any attachments uploaded.

    Edit: note that the storage for your data is independent of file storage - even with your quota full, your data will continue to sync.
  • Ah, I found this, but I was not sure if it would delete articles from my library (as opposed to only deleting attachments from the server). But if the storage is separate, then I assume it won't.
  • correct - that button only affects file attachments.
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