Current Discussion/hints for Drupal integration


With fall semester coming up I'm hoping to be able to integrate Zotero into a new Drupal site we're using in some classes. There are several discussions of similar projects, but the ones in the Zotero forums seem to be outdated, while the only one I found over at Drupal ends inconclusively:
Any word on integration with the biblio module? Thanks,
  • We have something up now,
    still in progress but contributors are welcome...
  • I'm not sure anyone's following this thread, but the biblio_zotero module now supports a variety of features in Drupal:

    One-way sync from zotero to biblio
    Configurable in Feeds UI: scheduling, expiration, content type
    Map Zotero authors to biblio author authority records
    Copy zotero tags to biblio nodes
    Organic Groups integration

    We use this on our course site to maintain a group bibliography, and keep a feed of relevant Zotero links in a sidebar widget for blog posts and other materials. It's pretty cool, actually; and we can do anything else that the ibblio module lets you do, too.

    I hope some one out there sees this and starts using it; with drupal and wordpress integration, I think this makes Zotero the best choice for use with open-source CMS's...

  • I am following this, and am glad to see that it's working out nicely. I added it to -- feel free to edit the description if you like.
  • thanks for that! description is great, so glad to see it there.
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