Items jumping back and forth between subcollections


I've been having a strange problem lately. Quite frequently items together with attachments seem to be spontaneously separating themselves from subcollections, appearing in random places, then disappearing again, sometimes with an endless number of sub-items appearing within them. Some kind of glitch. It usually goes back to normal after re-starting Firefox or syncing the library, or just closing the subcollections and opening them again. My library contains a couple of thousand items and perhaps 150-200 subcollections. This is getting quite annoying as it's happening several times a day. Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix it?

  • This has been amply documented:
    but I'm not sure if the devs have fixed it or not (I'm not even sure they have replicated it) - there was an entry on trac a while ago that looked like they might have.
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