slowness (FF hangs & not responding) when adding a new tag

I'm occasionally encountering slowness when doing some basic Zotero tasks: slowness where Firefox goes dim, has the little circle, and says "not responding."

One example I just had was when trying to add a new tag. This was for a tag not yet used in my database. It happened twice, and I logged it the second time. The DebugID is D188677354.

What I did:
- on the "tags" tag, clicked add;
- typed in a new tag. At that point the textbox is taking a while to close
- I clicked on "add" so that I could add another tag.
At that point Firefox hung/didn't respond for a few seconds.
  • This had been happening to me on my Ubuntu 32-bit with Firefox for months and now it happens in Xubuntu 64 with Zotero Standalone (no Firefox on machine at ALL)
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