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I'd love to use Zotero but I'd need to import my existing bibtex files first. And I have never succeeded in doing this with files that load flawlessly in jabref (and are created using that). I deleted all preambles and stuff and it imports some entries but not all. I always get a "Alert. An error ourred while trying to import the selected file. Please ensure that the file is valid and try again." Find below 2 bibtex entried, the first one shows up in Zotero, the second (and all subsequent ones) don't. I can provide you with the full file if necessary. Thanks for any attempt to look into this or for tips on what exactly fails here.


author = {Dalle, Jean-Michel and David, Paul A.},
title = {The Allocation of Software Development Resources in 'Open Source'
year = {2003},
note = {Disscussion paper of {T}he {S}tanford {I}nstitute {F}or {E}conomic
{P}olicy {R}esearch},
abstract = {The paper develops a stochastic simulation model capable of describing
the decentralized, micro-level decisions that allocate programming
resources both within and among open source/free software (OS/FS)
projects, and which critically shape their growth. The core or behavioral
kernel of our simulation tool is based on dynamic "growing" trees,
and incorporates the effects of the reputational reward structure
of OS/FS communities as characterized by Eric S. Raymond (1998).
In this regard, our line of investigation also follows recent approaches
associated with studies of academic researchers in ?open science?
communities. For the purposes of this first step, we mainly focus
on showing the ways in which the specific norms of the reward system
and organizational rules can shape emergent properties of projects,
and we also point to a validation in this framework of the often
adovcated, but yet mainly empirical "release early" rule.},
comment = {micro-level decisions that allocate programming resources},
url = {}

author = {Dalle, J.-M. and P. A. David and Rishab A. Ghosh and W. E. Steinmueller},
title = {Advancing Economic Research on the Free and Open Source Software
Mode of Production},
booktitle = {Building our Digital Future - Future Economic, Social \& Cultural
Scenarios Based On Open Standards},
publisher = {Vrjie Universiteit Brussels Press, Brussel},
year = {2005},
editor = {Wynants, Marleen and Cornelis, Jan},
address = {Brussels},
abstract = {Early contributions to the academic literature on free/libre and open
source software (F/LOSS) movements have been directed primarily at
identifying the motivations that account for the sustained and often
intensive involvement of many people in this non-contractual and
unremunerated productive activity. This issue has been particularly
prominent in economists' contributions to the literature, and it
reflects a view that widespread voluntary participation in the creation
of economically valuable goods that is to be distributed without
charge constitutes a significant behavioral anomaly. Undoubtedly,
the motivations of F/LOSS developers deserve to be studied more intensively,
but not because their behaviors are unique, or historically unprecedented.
In this essay we argue that other aspects of the "open source" phenomenon
are just as intriguing, if not more so, and possibly are also more
consequential topics for economic analysis. We describe the re-focusing
and re-direction of empirical and theoretical research in an integrated
international project (based at Stanford University/SIEPR) that aims
at better understanding a set of less widely discussed topics: the
modes of organization, governance and performance of F/LOSS development
-- viewed as a collective distributed mode of production.. We discuss
of the significance of tackling those questions in order to assess
the potentialities of the "open source way of working" as a paradigm
for a broader class of knowledge and information-goods production,
and conclude with proposals for the trajectory of future research
along that line.},
file = {DalleDavid-2005AdvancingEconomicResearchOnFOSS.pdf:DalleDavid-2005AdvancingEconomicResearchOnFOSS.pdf:PDF},
keywords = {Open Source},
owner = {spaetz}
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