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As far as I can see, now each pdf attached are saved in a separate folder (with a name that gives me no useful information about its content). If you want to copy that pdfs anywhere else, you should do it file by file. Why do not have one folder, where all pdfs attached are stored (as in EndNote)?
  • Well, for instance because:
    1. There is no guarantee that PDF filenames are unique
    2. PDFs are not the only attachments; web snapshots consist of multiple files and for these separate folders are needed
    (and if you search around the forums and the documentation you'll find other reasons

    But if you'd like to organise the PDFs yourself you can try linking, instead of importing attachments; and you can use a plugin like ZotFile.
  • It's also possible to create a saved search / smart folder in your operating system of choice that shows all the PDFs in the Zotero storage folder-- this gives you the convenience of a single folder without the limitations.
  • thanx, ajlyon. Could you give me, please, further instructions, how to do this. (Win 7)
  • thanx, ajlyon. It helps a lot.
  • is there any step-by step for how to set up smart folder on mac? I always storage the pdfs or doc files to the zotero items. but recently I want to have all my attached pdfs stored in my zotero library to be in one folder on my mac. so I can have a different way organising things.

    I have looked in the forum and tried to follow the people's suggestion, but the search result always turn out no document at all. it is my first time to use smart folder on mac. so i am very grateful for help.
  • you probably want to ask this on a Mac forum, it doesn't have much to do with Zotero (hence the absence of any step-by-step) - we're stretched pretty thin already answering Zotero questions and there are tons of Mac experts (you could probably even just go to a genius bar and have them explain it to you).
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