link to files in shared library

My workgroup now has a shared library with about 20 members, maybe 6 of them very active. Group library and file syncing are working pretty solidly, and we're doing a lot of collecting papers and emailing each other 'hey, check out Smith 2010 in the HCV collection in the group library." I've been trying to figure out a way to email links to the PDF files so we could just say "hey, click here, cool new paper" but with the way zotero lives in different firefox profiles, it's hard. i could, i suppose, instruct everyone in my group to start custom storage directories that would have the same path on different computers, but i don't think that'll accomplish what i need.

so, a potentially impossible feature request: some way to right-click a PDF, and get a storage directory link to the file that works across all users' zotero installations. Maybe this could use some of the same magic that the word plugin uses to create references that work no matter which user has document control?
  • Well it wouldn't use the local storage directory—it'd use the web link. There's been talk of providing a way to quickly get access to the URL for an item right from the Zotero client UI, and that'd probably be a good thing to implement.
  • This came up again in discussion amongst our workgroup--as we increasingly use zotero to share things we find individually, we're missing the ability to say, "hey, look at _this_" with a link instead of having the other person open zotero and navigate to the item manually. It's a pretty minor thing, and it works fine as is, but it would be a neat feature.
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