citation GUI focus problems with LibreOffice/Ubuntu

Stock Ubuntu and LibreOffice, I've noticed the following in the last month or so (though I don't use this much for writing, so it may be an older problem).

If I'm in a LO document and I click "add citation" icon, I get switched to Firefox and the insertion dialog. Upon choosing the citation(s) to then insert, focus stays on Firefox.

Things didn't used to work like this, and I'd call it a bug.

Can someone confirm, as Simon hasn't been able to reproduce.
  • I was about to charge in and say that this is an old, old problem, but it's not exactly this is it?

    I can certainly confirm the behaviour. I've been working around it using different workspaces, keep firefox in one, libreoffice in another and the problem goes away.
    It can also depend on whether you have firefox minimised or not. If you have it minimised, you won't get this behaviour (which may be why Simon can't replicate it).
    So keep firefox minimised whilst working in LO, also is a work around.
  • Oh and quick follow up question, in case this is a ubuntu windows management problem, are you using Unity or Gnome (I've switched back to Gnome, as Unity was driving me bonkers)
  • edited July 31, 2011
    I am using default in 11.04, and therefore Unity. I actually prefer Unity, and would rather not have to switch just for Zotero.

    And ...
    I was about to charge in and say that this is an old, old problem, but it's not exactly this is it?
    No; it's not. Focus shifts to Firefox, but dialog is on top.
  • It occurs to me that the reason I can't reproduce this may be that I'm running Ubuntu in VMware, and so I'm not using Compiz. I'll try a native install.
  • I believe I've fixed this on the extension trunk.
  • ...however, if the Compiz focus prevention level is set to "Low" (as it is by default), the Add Citation window still doesn't acquire keyboard focus when it first appears (although it is raised above all the other windows). This will require some X11 nastiness to fix.
  • While it required a disturbingly large amount of code, I think I've fixed the residual focus issues for 3.0.
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