Private key for private group: feed forbidden?

I'm trying to create a private key to give ZotPress read access to one of my private groups. ZotPress doesn't want to display anything from the group despite that it accepts the key just fine.

Now when I click the feed icon in my list of private keys, I get "Forbidden". Why is that? And how do I get access to the feed?

It is possible to use the API (with the right private key) to retrieve items from private groups, isn't it? The whole point of creating a private key was, I thought, to be able to control what you display from this group (e.g. selected refs) without making the whole group public. Am I wrong?
  • If the key only has access to a group the feed link won't work as it points to your personal library (I can change that, but the link was mostly put there as a temporary measure to show users the most basic feed link and how to use the key on the url for a request).

    If you've set the key up to have access to the private group you're trying to access it should work. You can test by changing the feed url to something along the lines of<groupID>/items?key=<key>;
  • Great, that feed URL works. Given that it works, I assume it should be no problem in principle for ZotPress to retrieve items from that group using that key. It would seem that I ran into a current limitation of ZotPress — according to the FAQ it only wants to display items from public libraries.

    For reference, I started a thread about this on the WordPress forums.
  • Have more or less the same issue. the<groupID>/items?key=<key>; works fine, but I'm not getting anything in Zotpress - even for the cache. [zotpress] doesn't return anything but an error. The group has been set as private and public. I've even checked cURL. Is there any clear documentation on using private groups with Zotpress? It'd be really useful.
    Alternatively, I'm not sure if Wordpress might be to blame - it's a multi-site / network set up. That might be the issue...
  • Matthew: Since this isn't an issue on the Zotero side, you may have better luck somewhere where kseaborn might see your post.
  • Sorry, all -- best to contact me on the Wordpress forums:
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