"Place" as an optional column in browser plugin

In the Firefox plugin, there are many fields that can be shown in the pane that lists already entered references. Options include Author, Title, Date, etc. "Place" (of publication) is not an available option. It would be helpful when I'm going through the references, checking these, to have this visible. It's probably very easy to add to the list of choices...any chance of it happening?
  • edited August 11, 2011
    No response...is this unclear? It is a request to add Place as an optional column in the display area. This would be helpful because the place of publication is often not added by Zotero (e.g. when retrieving a citation from Google Books and Amazon) but is necessary to include for most formats. It would allow browsing to find entries with empty place fields in order to fix these.
  • The reason this never got a response is likely that there are a dozen threads on the forum for this and other variables. I don't think anyone really disagrees, it just hasn't been on the menu for the last release.

    A word of thanks: this feature was added some time ago! Great work.
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