Zotero doesn't save an item unless already opened

I used to be able to save an item in Firefox by clicking on the appropriate icon in the address bar. A few months ago, this stopped functioning; when I click on the folder icon, a message comes up "saving item", but the item is not actually saved. This happens across many sites (Amazon, Google Books, JSTOR, etc.).

If, however, I open Zotero by clicking on the "Zotero" icon at the bottom of the Firefox page, so that the list of already saved references pops up, clicking on the folder icon in the address bar now works; the same message comes up, but the item is properly saved.

Zotero is clearly running in both cases, as the icon is at the bottom of the browser page and the "saving item" window appears, but only if the reference box is already open is the item actually saved. Any ideas what's going on?

Report ID: 2110382926
  • If you haven't yet opened Zotero in a browser window, items will be saved to "My Library", but not added to any collection. If you have opened Zotero, items will save to whatever collection is selected.

    Are you absolutely certain the items that you saved aren't saved under "My Library"?
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    Ummm...I feel foolish. You are right, they were saved to the My Library area.

    I am virtually certain that Zotero always used to save to whatever folder had last been selected; I got used to this behavior. Perhaps I am mistaken here; now I'm uncertain.

    In addition, according to the error reporter there are now error messages being generated from the process. In any case, your answer gives me a solution to the problem. Thanks.
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