search conundrums

I've been using search a lot lately in a group library, and have some questions about idosyncracies in search behavior. any clarifications, workarounds, in-the-works improvements, etc would be great.

1. quick search looks at all fields using AND as the default (AFAIK only) boolean. there's no way to specify an OR operator, and no way to specify field by typing some extra search syntax. this has been discussed intermittently on the forums, but I am wondering if there's some hidden preference or secret syntax that is not widely known.

2. advanced search gives you the ability to specify field and boolean operator, but does not give you the option to search all fields at once, which is a crippling deficiency. advanced search also does not search the group libraries, which in my current implementation is the only library in use. the fact that you have to select from a mile-long list of fields when an "all fields" would do the trick is an irritation. but the biggest problem is that if one of your items has a full abstract but no indexed PDF, and another item has no abstract but a fully indexed PDF, it seems as though one would need to set up independent search lines to detect them both. Again, an "all fields" option would fix this at a stroke.

3. one can only do an advanced search on a shared library by right-clicking and creating a smart collection. is there any plan to add group libraries to advanced search?

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