Folder links

I think it would be useful to be able to link not only to local files, but also folders. It would be especially helpful in managing collections of photographs that represent pages from the same book, for instance.
Thank you!
  • I think that it would be more practical if you combined those photos to a single PDF. Would that work?
  • I use ScanTailor and DjVu to make reasonably-sized files of photos. Takes some time, but working with piles of photos, or PDFs of unprocessed images, is even worse.

    Still, if we add support for the file:// protocol to the Add Link to URI option (which is coming in 2.1.9, I think), then folders could be in theory be specified.
  • @mronkko: Thanks for the suggestion; I do sometimes create PDFs from photos and that has its uses, but PDF conversion is incredibly tedious and slow, making it very impractical. You probably underestimate how many photos my research requires. I would also want to preserve the photos in their native format even if I had unlimited time for conversion, which I do not.
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