proxy scheme variable "domain"


I was just trying to use the proxy feature to redirect

which works fine manually, but as soon as i want to use the same pattern on multiple sites there's the "domain" variable missing:

I would like to be able to use a pattern like this:


where "%d" should be "The domain of the proxied page excluding the trailing slash".

By the ways i guess there would be the need for several more of these variables such as "sub-domain", "top-level-domain", etc.

And for automatic recognition: what if all links out of a proxied page would ask if they should be proxied in the same way too? Because if I find something on and click it, I usually still want to use the proxy.
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    If you check the "Multi-Site" checkbox, you should be able to use %h, which I think does what you want.

    If the proxy rewrites the links and the "Automatically Associate New Hosts" box is checked, Zotero will pick up that those URLs should be proxied as well.
  • Okay, Thank you Simon! I totally missed this, now IT WORKS!!!

    My Scheme is now

    And I've already tested the "Automatically Associate New Hosts" feature, it's working!

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