Chrome connector does not work

Just installed the standalone alpha only because of the promised Chrome connector. It does not seem to work. For example is recognized by the Firefox extension but not in Chrome
  • The standalone is long overdue for an update, and many translators have been fixed and updated since it was released in February. Hopefully a new version with improved translators is imminent.
  • I have the same comment. For me and others don't work in Chrome but do in Firefox extension. I am careful to ensure that Chrome is not open when ZoteroSA is loaded but it seems to make no difference.

    If it is the translator update that is required then I'm all ears.
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    You don't actually need Zotero Standalone to connect with Chrome — you can simply connect Chrome with your Firefox library. I just tried the URLs mentioned in this thread and it works — they are added to the library perfectly fine, including the PDFs.
  • Brilliant and thank you. That worked for me too.

    It may be obvious but all I'd add is that you need to have Firefox open for the Zotero Connector for Chrome to recognise the reference
  • Good point, I added that clarification to the post.
  • One caution, from the standalone support page:

    "The Chrome/Safari connector does currently not work for sites that use a default translator, such as DOI, COinS, unAPI or Embedded RDF."

    This explains why Zotero has gotten a lot harder to use for me recently, since I rarely bother to open Firefox when I can just use the Standalone version!
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