Use the forum for comments on the blog?

Just want to say I appreciate the recent posts on notable Zotero contributors. I think you would have had a lot of positive feedback on that series if comments were open.

Like many users, I don't really like the fact that comments are closed on the blog. Doesn't look friendly, doesn't invite community participation. Now, I know this is because too many users would simply dump their support issues in the blog posts. So how about this: use the forum for comments on blog posts. Simply make a separate category "Blog" here and (auto)create a topic for each blog post, linked from the comments section on the blog. This gives you all the forum tools for managing misplaced support requests while also allowing the community to comment more directly on blog posts. The blog frequency is low enough for this to be a low-maintenance solution. I think it would be appreciated.
  • ooh - I like that idea (even though it come too late for me to receive accolades from my doubtlessly countless fans ;-))).
    I don't know if Debbie reads the forum closely, I'll send her a pointer.
  • Doesn't it feel like a hack to post comments about a blog here? Why should behavior here be any different than on a blog?
  • I specifically requested that comments be enabled if a post is made about me, following Rintze's lead. I don't think that the no comment policy is reasonable at this point-- the forum has established itself in the community, and a clear reminder on the comment thread would be sufficient to ward off support requests.
  • clearly comments here are a second best (aka a hack). If we can get the comments opened on the blog - all the better. (After Rintze's mail to that effect I actually expected that to be the case, at least for the community posts). Did Debbie ever reply to that?
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    I really think (some of) the blog posts should just have comments enabled.

    @adamsmith: nope, no reply.
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    Oh well I was trying to pick my fight. Obviously I agree with all of you above that it would be preferable to just enable comments on (some of) the blog posts. But I thought that was out of the question.
  • Nothing should be out of the question; certainly not anything so reasonable as asking that comments be opened on a blog ;-)
  • Oh well, at least I learnt something: sometimes you have to ask for something really stupid to make things happen.
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