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Please find a style for Neuropsychologia (Elsevier) here:

Thanks a lot,
  • thank you. That style looks like Elsevier's Harvard, though - unless I hear something to the contrary from you I'll just create a dependent style.
  • It might be, I'll check in the afternoon. On the journal's website it's described as APA 6th edition with disambiguation using only letter suffix to the year (rather than by names and given names).
  • I just looked at the styleguide you included (per link) in the style - that goes to the standard style guide for Elsevier's Harvard.
  • One difference that is definitely there is that in my version the locale setting is meant to be fixed (default-locale='en') as the journal does not allow submission in any other language than English. This makes the style much more convenient for non-English users.
  • we could include that in the general style - all journals it covers are English language.
  • I tried the two styles and compared the output and they don't behave in the same way.
    First the citation text is different (and I'm not sure I understand why). But more critically I think, the bibliography is different and does not correspond to the style of Neuropsychologia as I checked in a few recent articles. For instance, the journal names are italic and non abbreviated (although the guideline mentions some abbreviation lists, it doesn't say that they should be used... odd enough I agree). Also the years are between brackets in APA but not in Elsevier Harvard... etc... So if I'm not mistaken, I think my version is closer to the description and closer to what is actually done in the published articles.

    Now that might be a good idea to include the default-locale='en' in the Elsevier style anyway.
  • yep, you're right, I'll put this up asap, thanks for checking.
  • Thanks! ^.^
  • OK, it's up. I've taken out the line field="generic-base" which doesn't really fit and changed the locale to en-US: en-GB uses single quotes and some other weird stuff (at least in the future it does, I'm not sure if that's already in the current version).
    I've also added a default locale to elsevier harvard.
  • Weird? It's the Americans who are non-standard :)
  • Are you speaking about the default-locale global option? I specified "en" without giving a regional code. Does it mean that "en" defaults to "en-GB" rather than "en-US"?

    Anyway, "en-US" is definitely more appropriate. Most journal want "en-US" and at best give the choice between the two.

    Thanks again for your help!
  • "en" defaults to "en-US".
  • Even on in a Firefox having "en-GB" as locale?
  • but I believe a user with an en-GB FF locale would get en-GB, right? That's what I had in mind.
  • That would make sense, and I should remember to use fully qualified locales in the future.
  • edited July 18, 2011
    but I believe a user with an en-GB FF locale would get en-GB, right? That's what I had in mind.
    Only if default-locale isn't set. If it is, the Firefox locale is ignored, and "en" will be interpreted as "en-US", as we chose American English as the primary locale for English.
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