New style: Ecological Modeling. Please post

Please post the following style for the journal Ecological Modeling. I've posted it to:


Michael Barton
  • If the style is indeed identical to that for "Brain", it's preferable to create a dependent style.

    See , and for an example, .
  • That makes sense, but it is not clear to me how to actually create this. Or perhaps I do not create it but you do?
  • Have a look at the example that Rintze posts:
    that's the entire style. Essentially you're creating a style that just consists of the info section, which in place of the link with rel="self" contains a link to the parent style with
    We've also not been including authors in dependent styles for obvious reasons.
    When you click on that style on the repository Zotero automatically also downloads the parent style.

    It'd be great if you did this, but if you have any trouble it doesn't take much time for Rintze or me to create the dependent style.
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  • OK. Clicking on the link did not show the dependent style in xml format, but I found and downloaded it from the repository to use as a model.

    Here is the new dependent version of the Ecological Modeling style. See if this works correctly.

  • great - that's it. See above, Rintze already put this up, you overlapped. Note that in your style you capitalize "Brain" - that wouldn't work. Also, as I said, we usually don't put authors into dependent styles because there isn't much authoring going on.
  • That's fine. Glad to see it's up already.
  • I've discovered that the bibliography style shown in the guide to authors page is out of date. Ecological Modelling is actually using a variant of the Elsevier harvard style with titles. This makes sense since they are an Elsevier journal. I've made the needed changes to the Elsevier base style and posted it to git hub at:

    Note also that the official name of the journal has a double "l" in modelling. I've changed that to. Can you please post and replace the ecological-modeling (with a single "l") style?

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    sure, will do - are we sure the style they use is actually different from elsevier's harvard? I'd really like to avoid duplicates.
  • The place that I saw it differed from Zotero's Elsevier Harvard style is for book chapters.

    Elsevier Harvard uses <chapter title>, in: <editor names>

    Ecology Mod. uses <chapter title>. In: <editor names>

    There may be other small differences but I didn't notice any.
  • thanks - I'll upload this tomorrow.
  • Many thanks. Already using it on my other computer.
  • oh - just as a note - make sure the citation-field you put actually exists - there's a list in the csl specs - ecology doesn't exist, I put biology instead.
  • Oh. I thought that the citation-field was something that was generated from the citations in the repository. Should ecology be added to the specs? It's kind of an eclectic list as it stands now.

  • no kidding the list is eclectic - I think Bruce kind of pulled that out of his, uhm, back when he first wrote csl (nothing wrong with that - it's not in any way a crucial feature) and it hasn't been touched since. I don't know if there are any plans to expand/modify the list.
  • There is no reason the list of categories couldn't be revised/expanded, but I'd like a more comprehensive overhaul instead of dealing with individual field requests.

    Perhaps we should steal Mendeley's disciplines list? :)
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