Mendeley web page import glitch

Importing the first reference from this page:

The import type is COinS (I dont know what this means)

There are two problems.

1) The primary Author "Downes, B J" is listed last in Zotero when in the citation it is first - the order of the remaining authors is correct

2) The date and publisher are blank.

easy to fix manually, but just wondering if there is something wrong with the import itself. There is a citationbox on the page that has the additional info but I gather the COinS process (?) isn't read in this.

Now... I also imported the same citation as it is the 3rd on the list from this related page:

..but the result was the same (albeit from the different original page formatting).

EDIT: I tested on some other pages and both import faults occur also so it seems generic to the Medeley web site format?
  • Mendeley has failed to include some of that information (date, publisher) in the COinS data ( The author ordering appears to be a fault in Zotero and I'll look into it.

    We could get slightly better results by scraping some other metadata on the page, but no one has made a Mendeley translator yet, which would be necessary to take advantage of the other data they include.
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    I have posted a "suggestion" on the Mendeley feedback forum for DATE and PUBLISHER to be added to their COinS data.

    Vote it up if you can.

    doesnt seem a very effective way to report it, but who knows.
  • Mendeley has pretty dismal support systems-- they often encourage people to write emails to their support email directly, but that means that the community doesn't develop the ability to support itself and each other.
  • Thanks - I emailed support just now also.

    .. and I'll leave the author ordering issue with you. Happy to test in the future if required.

    For now I'm importing one by one using BibTeX and the translator you just fixed!

  • I've created a ticket and patch for this-- hopefully it'll be fixed in the next release of Zotero (
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