Inserting PDF crashes Zotero ("There was an error starting Zotero")

Error report ID: 1647337685

Hi guys,

I already got this error a couple of times. What I'm doing:

- start up Firefox, open Zotero, everything works fine
- try to insert a new link to a PDF on the hard disk
- Zotero freezes
- After a while, I get a "There was an error starting Zotero" error

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    Wait—how are you getting "There was an error starting Zotero" if Zotero is already open? Where are you seeing that message?
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    Hi Dan,

    Ah, ouch, I was wrong. The error message is actually:

    "An error has occurred. Please restart Firefox."

    Sorry about that.

  • If you can reproduce this reliably enough, provide a Debug ID for a PDF-adding attempt that produces this.

    And this is happening all on its own? You're not getting an Unresponsive Script Warning and stopping the script?
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