please post update to Advances in Complex Systems style to work with CSL 1

Please post this update to the Advances in Complex Systems file to the Zotero style repository. It makes the style compatible with CSL 1.0

Michael Barton (author of the ACS style)
  • Forgot the link:
  • Thanks Michael - could you clarify what you changed? The style you posted is still in csl 0.8.1 and there is an auto-translated ACS style in csl 1.0 on the repository.
  • I removed line 79

    <option name="second-field-align" value="true"/>

    This was causing the bibliography to format in a very weird way. Apparently the auto-translation had a glitch in this case. The one I posted works fine with Zotero 2.1.

  • huh - I see - that's actually a processor bug. The auto-update is correct and this should work, but I see it doesn't.
    I'll leave the old style up and would expect this to be fixed in the next Zotero release.
  • Is the next release anytime soon?
  • I don't know, probably not imminent - is there any particular reason this is urgent?
  • I wrote this because I was submitting a paper to a special volume of ACS. I discovered the bug when I went to revise this paper this week.

    But others might want to use it too. What is currently in the repository is unusable. Wouldn't it be a good idea to put my working version into the repository now. If the other one works better (I'm not sure what the difference is in how the bib looks), it can be reposted when the new version of Zotero comes out.
  • second field align aligns the second (and following lines) of a citation with the author instead of citation number - which I assume is correct.
    The repository is not just for Zotero but for all applications using csl (the repository on mirrors a general repository hosted on github), including some that do not use the same processor, so I'm disinclined to post a copy of a style that's technically less correct to work around a bug in Zotero.
  • From what you describe, this could affect many Zotero styles, making bibliographies unusable. I haven't checked, but if that is the case it may be of some urgency to fix this particular bug.
  • actually it's quite rare - very few numbered citation styles sort by anything else than the citation number and then they would have to use a macro that includes a date - I'd guess there may be 2 or 3 of those.
  • confirmed as a bug - a fix is in the works:
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