Bug? When I create a note in a subfolder, Z jumps to the main library and creates it there


the subject says it all. When I create a standalone note using the 'New Note' menu in a subfolder, Zotero jumps to the main library and creates the note there...

Does anyone experiences the same problem?

ps: just saw that the note is actually placed in the subfolder. I still don't see a reason for the jump to the main library...
  • Are you running Zotero 2.1.8?
  • yes, 2.1.8 with FF 5.0 on Mac OS 10.6.7. Some zotero plugins are also installed: MacWord Integration, ZoteroQuicklook, zotfile.

    I was going to start a separate thread about this but I will still mention it: I am also having the problem that after deleting an item it does not disappear. I first have to change to a different folder and then back to make it disappear. Zotero does not seem to update the view after deleting an item.

  • Disable the other extensions.
  • Both problems disappear when I disable the extensions... I will turn them on again one by one and report.
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