Select cited entries in Zotero

Say you have a word document with a bunch of citations.

It would be great to have a way to select all of those citations within zotero so that you could, for example, export them or move them to a shared library.

If this is possible currently someone please let me know!
  • I'm thinking this would take an edit to the word VBA code that would extract the zotero id from each reference and then send that list to zotero or directly invoke the zotero export dialog with that list.
  • This isn't yet possible, but hopefully the full citation data will soon be embedded in the fields in Word, which will eventually make it possible to import citation data directly from a document that has been created with Zotero (or Mendeley). Don't know what the timeline is on that.

    In the meantime, the other solution you posted on is also quite reasonable, and I hope it happens soon.
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    There are two different things here: extracting citation data from Word documents, and having some way for Zotero to know (and indicate) which items have been cited in which documents.

    Seems to me the second one would be much easier to realise than the first. Through the interaction with the Word plugin Zotero already 'knows' what items are being cited. I'm sure many users would love to have a pseudo-collection 'Cited', with subcollections for document names. Zotero would add and remove items from these subcollections concurrently with interacting with the Word plugin. This would make it easy to export the collection elsewhere, or to put it in a public group. Right now it is surprisingly difficult to replicate a bibliography of sources cited someplace else; that should be one of the easiest things to do.
  • Mark - in principal you're right - the reason ajlyon mentions the embedding is that it's just been implemented in Mendeley and discussed on the csl mailinglist and Simon has indicated that Zotero would follow along those line - I'm not sure if Mendeley opened their code for this - since their word plugin is based on Zotero's they actually might have to - but if they did that might speed this up, of course.
  • I've been needing a feature like this for a long time. This time I was asked to send someone PDFs of all the articles I cited in a paper. Right now this means manually going through my library of thousands of articles to find dozens and dozens of articles.
  • The feature as described by ajlyon above is implemented in the forthcoming 3.0 beta version.
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    The Zotero 3.0 beta doesn't yet import references from a document, but it is capable of formatting a document with references in it that aren't in your Zotero library. However, we have plans to import references before 3.0 final.
  • I would like to know if this feature exists in Zotero 3.08 (version I'm using at the moment) and if yes, how to use it?
  • Which feature?
    Zotero can store references in a document "it allows other users to work with your Zotero citations and bibliographies without using a Zotero group"):
    but can't import references from a document as far as I know.
  • but can't import references from a document as far as I know.
    that's correct. It's planned but not currently implemented.
  • I was thinking about the second part. Thank you anyway
  • Hello! Is this feature implemented now?
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