No Chemosphere style?

No Chemosphere journal style available in here:
  • Additionally, there is also no Environment International and Environmental Pollution in there. So do I need to learn the "styles code" and construct them by myself?
  • That would be the easiest. See here
    for some helpful links.
    You can also request a style
    but there are no guarantees how quickly someone (usually me) will find the time to code it - can easily take a month or two.
  • The three journals are all from Elsevier & a cursory look suggests that may fit your needs. Check it & let us know: dependent styles can be made so that others can find this more easily or it can be adapted to fit your needs.
  • Thank you for your replies. I think I may select the similar style and try to code it to the expected style:)
  • For Chemosphere and Environment International, the author instructions for references are identical to the documentation used for the style I linked to. What changes do you think need to be made?
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