Getting rid of 'retrieved ...' in bibliography


I have successfully captured a journal article from the following site:

When I cite this article in the bibliography, it appears like this:

Piller, I. (2002). Passing for a native speaker: Identity and success in second language learning. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 6(2), 179-208. Retrieved December 27, 2007, from

Shouldn't the citation stop at '208'?

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  • I usually list the website I retrieved information from. It makes it easier for the reader to go to the web source I used. This is a possible problem because websites change so often. But for immediate use of the reference it is a helpful thing to do.
  • ... for immediate use of the reference it is a helpful thing to do.
    Sure, and citing both the paper source and URI is appropriate in an increasing number of contexts, but still not every context (however helpful it may be to the reader), since publisher or institutional requirements may require otherwise. Many areas in the humanities wouldn't consider it.

    There was some work done toward providing the option to keep or omit the URI in the citation above, but I'm not sure what the final solution was, or if it's still pending.
  • Hello,

    I have the same problem as Maicart. I would like to have the opportunity to modify the way citations are made. For example, I like the chicago-style (author-date), but I would like to omit the url in the bibliography. And secondly in the text, it is cited as following "first author et coll., year". I would like to change "et coll. by "et al".
    Does somebody know if it is possible?

  • The solution for the spurious URL is the same as it's always been: remove the URL from your record (and move if it to a link if you prefer).

    For the Zotero developers, fix the translators; this has been a known issue for what ... a year?!
  • This had been fixed on the dev branch a while ago.
  • Oh good; I should have thought about that possibility before posting that!

    What's holding up the 1.02 release anyway; it seems there's a ton of useful fixes and one notable new feature that would make a lot of issues go away.
  • I talked to a freelance manuscript editor who works for several university presses. She tells me that the URL and access date are generally expected. Although time does not permit investigation, a permalink is clearly preferred.
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