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This is not a complaint, but a suggestion for improvement. I received this message upon updating to Firefox 5 today:

"Zotero MacWord Integration requires PythonExt to run, but the installed version of PythonExt is not compatible with Firefox 5.0. Please install the latest available version from"

It took me several minutes just to find the PythonExt update on the site, even though I know what it is for. I can imagine it might take a less experienced computer user much longer than that. The heading "Installing Word Processor Plugins for Zotero 2.1" doesn't match up well with the message text. Can you please make the message more specific as to location, and less confusing in terminology--perhaps eliminating the non-standard "MacWord" (which does not even appear on the update page)--and perhaps make the required file itself more prominent on the website? Not everybody needs it, but I think it should on the main "word processor plugin installation" page all the same.

Or, perhaps it is not updated yet... that would add to the confusion, obviously!

Thank you!
  • You should only have gotten this message if you were running the older PythonExt version we released exclusively for Firefox 4 beta, which didn't autoupdate. All PythonExt versions since Zotero 2.1 will update automatically, so you should never see this message again.
  • MG6
    edited June 22, 2011
    Hm. I must have that installed, because it's still coming up (after I've restarted several times). How do I correct this?
  • Click the link to download PythonExt from here, wait until you see an install box (it may be a few minutes), click "Install Now" and restart FIrefox.
  • I did that earlier (soon after my original post), and tried it again just now, but it's continuing to give me the same error message. Do I need to remove it first, or something?

    Thank you
  • What version(s) of PythonExt do you see in Tools->Add-ons->Extensions? Can you generate a report ID?
  • Report ID 1271736050

  • That's an older version of PythonExt. Please follow Simon's instructions and install the newer version available on our download page.
  • I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but I know it is an older version. It is the very problem that brought me here in the first place. Zotero told me that in the confusing message I originally posted about. Since that moment, the problem has changed; I have followed the upgrade instructions, first on my own, and again at Simon's prompting. It's just not working. If you have no other suggestions, I'm going to try removing the extension manually and then reinstalling it. I'll tell you what happens.
  • Removing the old extension first did the trick. Thanks for your help.
  • Just FYI. I received a similar message after installing Firefox 10.x yesterday. AND had a bear of a time finding where to download the extension from the site until I found this post.
  • Luckily we are getting rid of PythonExt in less than six weeks.
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